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Vulnerabilities and ‘She’

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Vulnerabilities and ‘She’ - vulnerabilities

Some days unfold slow

Gnawing into the soul

While the restlessness grows

Why do I live with stupid hope?

When campaigning feminism and women rights and all the noise that goes on with women and culture – we ceaselessly go on and on about ‘Strength’. Women need strength, they need to break barriers, they need to sail through storms ….blah..blah…blah…blah….

Have you ever asked her why she is vulnerable?

Why she does things the way she does it?

Most people think she is at fault and its all hormone-trigger. Those monthly inducing phenomenon or something related to that. What most don’t realize is that the little cracks allow her to make herself whole. It allows the light to enter and her vulnerabilities become her strength in the gradual process. So don’t go on and on about strength. It is painful already with the vulnerabilities kicking her in the stomach – reminding her what she isn’t capable of. The pain of it all – she cries her heart out. She bears it all. Why does she be a vulnerable fool? That’s because she loves – completely.

The greater your capacity for love
The greater your capacity for feeling the pain.

Why pain should be part of love? Is it that love is taken for granted? Or is it the universe’s way of saying you are stupid to be under the cupid? Vulnerable again? Love makes her vulnerable, right? And pain is the bullet lodged deep in her heart. So being vulnerable what she should do? Turn to her capabilities. Heal herself slowly with the light that enters the painful cracks. It is gradual process and slow. But she finds peace in the end. That peace will bring a reminder to her about what she is capable of.

Saw the whole link? Vulnerabilities lead to capabilities. Love, pain and life put in equal measure of action and reaction. She then emerges. Cracked, tired to the bone but her mind – it will be pure bliss. She is the woman who makes it from the impossible to the possible. She may be broken or love may have deserted her – finally she makes peace with herself and emerges stronger. Yes, vulnerabilities into capabilities.

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