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True? - DAY3

I picked up the book ‘Vanara‘ by Anand Neelkanthan and these thoughts came in mind – I couldn’t hold myself…..

The newly released book

Whether we admit it or not – we do have half-baked and distorted view of our ancient stories, however, how much do we rely on their ‘truth’? Anand talks about Vanara ‘monkey-men’ and also ‘vana nara’ people of forest with equal emphasis on both. What would I like to believe?

How a mere slip of tongue or the way we speak something changes the meaning completely? Was this slip deliberate or obliterate way to put the prejudice in place? This puts forth another hard-hitting fact – Our stories as we come to see them or if we come to see them are “stranger than fiction”.

The reality is embedded in the distortion of the past or is it the “imagined reality” as Author Yuval Noah Harari puts it in his book ‘Sapiens’. Are we as a species moving towards imagined reality more than the reality of those times? As science digs up more to prove things, we realise that probably some answers might never be proved however, language and reality – we need to take them both as devices to extract the best lessons from them and not be obsessed with all of it.

As I slow my pen, I am still pondering over how words, stories and imagination push over the boundaries of truth or falsehood in any of the directions … till then I keep reading!

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  1. […] I had already read Anand’s Asura and Sivagami and I loved them. I took my time to pick up Vanara not because it dealt with vanaras but the promos of the book talked about the love triangle of Baali, Sugreeva and Taara. I don’t prefer reading mushy romance tales. However, having known Anand’s writing style – I decided to pick up the book and take the risk of reading a romance. True to my intuition – Anand gave me something to think on, and those thoughts have been shared here:¬† […]

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