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The Shape of You – Unbound eMag Review

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The Shape of You – Unbound eMag Review - the shape of you

I just finished reading the 5th issue of Unbound eMagazine by For Writers, By Authors (FWBA) and my thoughts are still swirling. I usually do book or product reviews – never of an eMag. This is the first time I am putting up my review in a detailed manner and here’s why:

  1. The subject chosen is close to my heart. The Shape of You forms an intricate subject for each of us – no matter how perfect we are or seem to be.
  2. I have battled (still doing so..) weight all my adult life and while I am not exactly obese but yes, I do have those unnecessary fat and curves peeking out in ugly ways. I have battled emotional turmoil leading to the psychosomatic effect of body bulge.
  3. No matter how successful or well off or ‘lucky’ we are – we have that real vs. ideal body image tug of war all our lives. For most of us, that’s true.
  4. I especially loved the ballad “Why do you love me” by Percy Wadiwala. It ended in a very thought provoking way.
  5. “All About Love” by Ashima Jain reminded me of my neighbours. When the daughter-in-law of the house gave birth to the second baby (a boy), the mother-in-law immediately named him Krishna. The baby was very dark toned. She would be sarcastic to the daughter-in-law and at the same time putting up the facade that she had given the Lord’s name to the child.
  6. “Blind Thinking” by Galina Trefil was an eye-opener. I have worked closely with the disabled all through my growing years so what Jack did didn’t surprise me. What surprised me was how people even today mix sympathy and empathy.
  7. “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall” by Piyusha Vir comes up as a candid expression of her meeting the acid attack survivors at the Sheroes Hangouts Cafe. I could relate to her feelings and thinking.
  8. “Hate” by Urvashi Prabhu gave a stark reality of body-shaming through a fiction piece. It left me wondering on how we impact our lives with what people say or think.
  9. “An afternoon with Jasmine” by Gabrielle Beauvior talks of real ordinary people who are either finding or have found themselves for what they truly are or feel from inside rather than what people see or perceive them as. Transgenders across different cultures still find it difficult to get people to shun prejudices.
  10. “Black and White” by Shweta Sinha mixes friendship with myths making it a great short story to read.

All in all, I have loved this issue a lot! Varying topics and perspectives of “The Shape of You” has given it a great blended read. Kudos to the Team FWBA, especially Vanita Bodke, Neil D’Silva and Percy G Wadiwala. Kudos to the Team The Book Bakers who have really tried and made the cover as collectively divergent as possible.

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