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The pen that fountains words

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The pen that fountains words - post 5

From my childhood I have been fascinated with all writing instruments and stationary items. Fountain pens were my first “adult” instrument after dabbling with pencils for long. The scribbles, the scratches on the paper, the inky outcomes were like a miracle to me as a child. When I grew up, I got all the more fascinated by the contraption – wondering how it holds the ink and how ink doesn’t just drop out of the nib due to gravity.

The questions kept changing with age but the fascination never wore off. Even today, though technology is something I am surrounded by, I still love my fountain pens. I still love the feel of ink on paper. Call me old-fashioned or an old soul or any name you like; you can’t take away the love of fountain pens from me!

I owe it to my father to foster this love of pens in me. Mind you, initially he kept hiding them all from me when I was a kid. Once, fascinated by his Cross pen‘s twisting mechanism – I spoilt it. I received such a hard scolding that I remember it even today!

Then seeing my unfaltering interest in pens, he introduced me slowly to his expensive fountain pen collection. Initially I would use his Hero Fountain Pens, moving on to Sheaffer Pens. There are many brands vying for attention these days. Be it Parker or Lamy.

Today, I can buy my own pens and I try saving for the premium ones. Even calligraphy pens make me go ga-ga too. With the talk of fountain pens comes the ink. Exquisite colors in inks and pens are making foray in the market and my recent favourite is The Ferris Wheel Press. They have cool accessories and brass inlaid pens to drool over! And their inkpots…. well less said the better… just see the image and dream on!
The Ferris Wheel Press Company :

Check out the awesome Instagram images of this company and I am sure you will realise what you haven’t indulged in for long! So let’s get out those pens from our parent’s or grandparent’s collection and get’s write!

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