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Superheroes are Us!

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Superheroes are Us!

Everyone loves a superhero. It’s no big deal which one is your favourite but what we all love is their strength and their invincible spirit. What I want to tell you today is about a few people who are superheroes in real life. They might not flip tanks or stop nuclear warfare – but they do something so beautiful and yet so grand that you would want to be associated with them and get to the root of their simplicity.

Today as Kaffeinated Konversations celebrates its third year anniversary, I take this opportunity to tell you about our superheroes.

Neil D’Silva gets a special mention. He was coaching students for languages and science for more than 10 years and then despite being very successful stopped it and became an author. Neil is a TEDx speaker and has been invited as both judge and speaker to many colleges and litfests. He is also accomplished scriptwriter for web as well as TV series for both children and adults. Though Neil specializes in writing Horror stories, he has written stories of all kinds mixing psychology, romance, intrigue, thrill and of course horror. He is also the co-founder of For Writers, By Author Community that has more than 19K followers on Facebook. He is also co-founder of Litventure; a litfest especially inculcating the love for reading, writing and books in the students especially.

Despite his success, Neil has been a great mentor, totally humble and always giving me sound advice. I have known him since last 5 years and my admiration for the way he keeps the author communities alive and his efforts for more appreciation for the horror genre is commendable. More power to your pen, Neil!

Another person I would like to thank is, Deepali Adhikary Joshi. An ex-banker and now corporate trainer and author, many people would say her journey sounds like Ravi Subramanian’s (who is her favourite author too!) rise in the lit circles. With a funny, relatable yet beautiful ebook already getting sweet reviews, Deepali is already on with her second book in pipeline. While she is sweet and nice, if you mess with her she gives you a formidable ‘punch’line! 😉 She believes in serious readership and backs authors who need that extra promotion and push to be seen by masses. Good literature is a great benchmark that people should achieve – she believes – we shall be making more efforts in that direction, Deepali! Meanwhile, keep writing and making us believe that Indore or Pune, staying home or traveling – writers are not geographically constrained.

Now I go beyond the 3 years, way back to the time when my first startup community (Kaffeinated Konversations is second) started. This was also community of readers, writers and artists under a different name. The birth of Literature Community was started at The Nest Cafe, Indore by Ashish Jaiswal (my fav coffee place even today!) with Aanand Singh. He hops in and out of the community as per his moods, yes…. but he has been a constant supporter even today. We fight and argue and I am cross with him most of the time but when it comes to Literature we both see the connection of books, coffee and magic.

As the lit community grew, Shreshtha Singh joined us. Even today she considers Kaffeinated Konversations as ‘our baby’. She may not say much or not be able to contribute much now – however what she did before she relocated to the capital – she has been instrumental in laying the foundation of KK. While both of us are book nerds, we also understand the ‘heights’ of stupidity people can indulge in! 😉 She is an example of how students can read and read well, study and also enjoy life – all in one go!

Next comes in my brother by same language – Sumit Yadav (yes, that’s his surname though you all know him as Sumit Official). This boy is a surprise! Keeps giving me strength to hold steadfast to the dream we all built, calls me sister at the drop of hat and ‘partner in crime’ when we sometimes start disturbing the peace with our Gujju talks. I admire his tenacity to stick to his writings with ferocious zeal despite criticism and threats from people. It isn’t easy to write on sexuality in a the country that gave birth to ‘Kamasutra’ – but who cares to see the past?

More people have contributed to the rise of Kaffeinated Konversations – Nima Mankar, an energetic woman whose age isn’t questioned however she does stump us with her enthusiasm! She teaches origami, has authored a book and goes traveling everywhere. Rohan Bapat, a copywriter by profession and ‘heavy reader’ who loves to traverse through the pages of history, geography, politics and mythology any time, any day and conversant with these at the same time too! Madhur Kakwani, you aren’t into books but you are huge into supporting us! That calls for a special mention especially in non-literature category! Aakrati Arora, don’t think we have cut you out – before you swish those knives like a trained knife-thrower – you are missed for not being here with us but you have been a sister, friend and a great morale booster! Muskan Rajani, you have that zeal for learning that reminds me of my younger days. You take in everything yet you have a thinking mind of yours that has so many ideas on the go. I hope you get to focus on yourself once the academics are over.

Kaffeinated Konversations as a community was established today, however our brand KK Book Box too can’t be left out. Manish Dhane, you have been consistently supporting our book boxes, maintaining that one needs books all the time and every month without fail. Our regular customers who have become our friends, Ipshita Sharma, Loveleen kaur, Padma B., Aditya Sathe – thanks! Your faith inspires a new confidence in us!

No community or enterprise can move ahead without its people who are part of the team. While Shreshtha Singh was the first person to join us, Muskan Rajani continues to support us in between her studies. Aparna Prabhu is currently helping us connect with like-minded people online through her contribution in form of blogs like open letters and social media posts. She is so pro-active, we literally have to scrap through our efforts to post everything on time!

When it came to workshops or doing what I love ie. training and mentoring, I have been always said ‘yes’ you can do it here! NIPCD Institute co-founded by Moomal Sisodia have always kept their doors open for any kind of teaching-learning opportunities I wanted to take up especially related to content and creative writing and entrepreneurship. Moomal, goes without saying that women do rise together!

While my friends who have become my family – I can’t go further without the family who have said ‘yes’ to my crazy ideas. My parents have instilled the love for reading in my childhood, but its my in-laws who are ‘tolerating’ my craze for books. The huge bookshelf stands as a testimony to their quite support without saying much. My husband, Pradyumna Singh who wishes to be very, very far away from my books or any book for that matter. Prathwiraj Singh, who believed in my idea of book box from the start and has been taken for a ride literally in scouting for various items to go into the book boxes! Kartikeya Singh, for being my silent reader in war stories and army series. Vinita Singh, for being a GOT reader, partner-in-all-kinds-of-crime and a crazy sister from another mother. I love you all! Thanks for the “brave” support you are giving me! 😉



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