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Re-think… - DAY2

Why looking back and then moving forward again is important?

Why do we want to touch the past when everyone screams that you should be looking at the future?

In Latin there’s a phrase “Cogito ergo sum” – I think therefore I am. We need to sit down (a difficult thing in these distracted modern times) and we are supposed to see ourselves from the perspectives of what we were and what we shall be. Here the “re-thinking” and putting it into actionable outcomes is something we need to work on.

Perfect example of Thinking by Dr Seuss
Re-think . Re-do. Re-Learn.

There is so much of it to go back on and then move forward to. The backwards process of learning begins with the end in mind just as we focus on our goals and then reflect back to the starting point. When we do this a lot of learning is taken into consideration and we then tend to take a good look into the perspectives of the things. We break down everything into smaller frames, study it, see where we need improvement and then in similar situations act on them wisely. Experiences grow in this way and so does learning.

While all this is being communicated and the ink of my pen dries on the paper, I ask myself – Life must be understood backward, but it must be lived forward….

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