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Productivity – What’s good of it?

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Productivity – What’s good of it? - DAY4

Ahem! I can’t seem to have enough! 24 hours aren’t made for me. I want more!!!!

Productivity is a colossal word for us midget of humans who actually have invented the concept of time and can’t control it – one of the greatest ironies of our time…. did I say time again?

I maybe wrong – possibly – but I had in my years while doing job, already realized that my most creative and productive hours are in mornings before the 12 o’clock siesta time hits us all. After that I am more prone to take up reading than writing or typing or any such brain work.

Having identified my productive hours should make me more efficient, shouldn’t it? Even these posts that are being typed late are the result of having penned them daily and diligently in the diary but put too late into the blog. What is wrong with me?

Post marriage it gets very (I repeat..) very difficult to manage household chores and my productive time period. Then with being a parent, those PTMs or other meetings that demand my attention clash and I suffer from terrible mood swings, ambivalent feelings and oft thought of mad-crazy thoughts of running away! Yes! I really want to run away somewhere – beaches or mountains to gain myself. Yes! These thoughts come most of the time.

Bottomline is – What good did this knowledge of productive hours do to me? I then decided to do a bit of tweaking –

  1. I hired a cook for morning hours so lunch isn’t my worry though I do have to look into breakfast.
  2. I cleared a desk – declared it is mine from henceforth – to the major teeth grinding disapproval of family members who too are vying for that space – sorry folks…but no sorry… its mine!
  3. The desk I decorated and put my kind of things around it to motivate me to write and ponder.
  4. I searched for desk organizers and other stuff which I already had – no need to buy when something must already be stored somewhere or maybe you can create something out of waste or recycle or upcycle things
  5. All that’s left if the 2019 Calendar – I am confused between two awesome ones – BRIM 2019 Calendars that are superbly minimal and Plantables Calendar that remind me of Malgudi Days

I feel good after this initial start…. will share more as I add more to #waysofconqueringproductivitylacks ….stay tuned!

My work space that gets into momentum for now… need to add more!
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