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Maa…… The Return

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Maa…… The Return - maa

“Maa! I have a lot to talk to you! But first, take me back. Give me respite in your womb.”

Maa smiled knowingly and yet I kept talking. The rush of emotions were never-ending and the pain wasn’t lessening.

“Maa! Why don’t they understand, Maa? Why? I have given myself completely. Loved them deeply – yet see what they did! They tore my heart without a second glance. Each time I forgave them ….. even if I was in so deep pain. I forgave, I tried, Maa! Now I can’t. I can’t go on! With nothing but cracked heart which now will never mend. Maa! Take me back. I want to sleep forever. I don’t want to see their faces. Them, whom I loved deeply. Maa, give me sleep and then no memories.”

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