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I have a BF!

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I have a BF!

Not one, two…. well too many to count. In fact, I have them all over this country and a few abroad. And if you ask me which one is the best, I can only say: All are awesome!

(Someone gasps in background and whispers…)

What the hell is this woman saying? Doesn’t she have any manners? Who does she think she is? Talking such nonsense!

Hello World! Before you spew venom in my name or think I am made “our culture” bite the dust (though there is dust flying everywhere …. anyways…) let me ask you one thing –

What the hell were you thinking?

If you know me – and very well enough – you wouldn’t be thinking of culture, shame, honor and all that. Instead you would be thinking – she is doing something different! BF for your kind information is ‘Book Friend’. It’s time you drop your rigid thinking ways and look this side. Bust those stupid tags you have in mind for initials and acronyms and think before you jump to conclusions!

My Book Friends are those set of people who are otherwise in normal terms also bracketed weird, nerd, alien and even worm! Not at all good words to call people. Even I come under these categories (with my eyewear also coming into the word list).

While colleagues or peers indulge in all kinds of names to make us feel alienated, frankly they’re not be blamed. This actually percolates from the attitudes the elders in India have. Parents, grandparents or relatives love if a child or a person shows ‘intelligent’ characteristics. However, if that child or person picks up a book; immediately they are told to not to bury their nose in the book all day. Here we especially focus on the non-academic books. Why are ‘non-academic books’ averse to ‘intelligent’ characteristics? Why these standards?

It’s mainly due to the perception. Non-academic books tend to be fit in the ‘fiction’ category or more plainly storytelling. It is assumed that storytelling is for babies and kids before they begin school. Once their homework and school work begins, stories take a backseat and “pure” academics must be focused on. If mind is filled with stories, grades suffer.

For your information, books are of several kinds – fiction and nonfiction. Genres like poetry, horror, history, biography, etc too differ. So not every book has fantasy and story only. Not convinced? Here’s more! It is a fact that half an hour of non-academic reading everyday actually increases life years by a minimum of 3 years! Readers actually outlive non-readers and this is scientifically proven fact. And readers tend to connect to other readers mainly due to the fact that they are able to understand what they undergo in ‘mainstream’ society.

Regarding the headline – Blew the fuse did you? Calm down! We ‘booknerds’ as you call us can get snobbish with words and exact our revenge on you. Authors go farther and even kill you in their stories. 😉 And if the picture above keeps edging you, you need not go too far if you can’t guess what the word ‘blue stocking’ means…. go ahead google it! A small punishment that serves you right for thinking it all wrong! 😀

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