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Heroes - DAY 7

“HEROES” – a glorious word that everyone wants for themselves. Be it acts of bravery or charity. Who doesn’t want to be known as extraordinary?

Here’s the reality check.

Heroes aren’t made on the hotbed of extraordinary stories. Simple everyday life of people can actually trigger impact-ful encounters that leave you affected for life.

Heroes are those who wake up early so that the family is able to have breakfast and packed lunch to go to their respective destinations.

Heroes are those who ensure that people in family are bond by a feeling of togetherness and they swallow personal enmities just to that the family feels fine.

Heroes are those who give half an hour everyday for storytelling session with kids to make up for their hectic work cycles and time to bond with kids.

Heroes are those who cook the favourite dishes of the family everyday. They believe that happy body is happy mind.

Who are these heroes?

If you thought I am talking about women you are WRONG! Were you expecting this to be a “feminist heroism” talk?

My heroes here aren’t marked by gender. They could be men or women. Take any of the above scenario. Imagine any gender there… you think it isn’t possible? It is the truth that these acts are done everyday. And these heroes are unsung. They do things for others – family, friends, people at workplace etc. – to make them happy. But what about themselves?

Recently my son asked me, “Why do you scold me so much, mamma?”

I replied, “You need to know certain things can be done and certain things can’t or shouldn’t be attempted. When you grow up more you will understand.”

And then he simply says, “I love you” and hugs me.

I felt like a hero.

Yes. Not because I spoke something extraordinary. I think every parent says this. I felt like a hero because in his small way, in his own way he understood. He understood that love and scolding are different things.

So what act of heroism did you do recently? It may be small – the impact would be profound. Be your hero. Take inspiration from unsung heros around you. You will make peace with the world and yourself. A happy content person who believes in heroism of everyday.

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