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What does it mean to be an author?

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What does it mean to be an author? - post 1

Got your book published? Wow! You are an author!




While all this is great, have you all moved away from the arc lights and wondered, good or bad –

How do they do it?

How do they write?

How did they put it all out?

Writing isn’t a joke. It takes tremendous discipline. Great amounts of dedication and many a times copious tears to realize that it isn’t enough. Word Sprints, Writers Clubs, Nanowrimo, and many similar other communities or clubs spring up each day to give writers a boost.

In this all, every year though I participate in the Novel Writing Month of November – each of them turn into drafts and are shelved. Lack of time, lack of organizing tools, writer’s block and every other thing distracts and leaves me floundering. So what do I do? That’s when I felt the need to curate the basic organizers for writing and equip myself with books to be my reminders to write. Listing it all down, I came up with this:

  1. One book is enough to remind me to be on track
  2. Graphic organizers might work in later stage but to begin with post its should do
  3. Bookmarks are nano-boosters
  4. That comfortable yet sentimental pen/pencil that avenges my sloth moods
  5. That favourite coffee mug or chocolates/toffees to perk up
  6. A journal to keep putting in my ideas – weird or simple – in they go
  7. Desktop blackboard to keep adding or erasing thoughts
  8. Time Buddy – Appoint another person to keep telling you to write – “Have you written a word yet?”
  9. A book to read and unwind
  10. A clean and organized desk for better work

I think more or less this all comes up to every writers’ list as essentials for writing. Whether the writing turns into a bestseller or critically acclaimed or ends up in the thrash cash is a different thing altogether. As for me, it made me realize how I could help the Writers in achieving what they wanted. This was by curating the Kaffeinated Konversations Book Box for November Month. The theme is : Writers Box and I have kept most of the things in the box that’s reflected in this list. Interested in giving your writing a boost, go ahead pick up the Box!

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