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Distracted Existence

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Distracted Existence - Distracted

I ran to the beach – my favorite place to muse…. I discovered a shell, it was tiny and not so cute. So I picked another one. This was better than the other. Then I searched and found more and more and then I realized I was near the sea water and it held all the rich and beautiful ones in its hold.

There’s nothing special about what I wrote above. Nothing deep or life changing perhaps. However, for me this holds a message, albeit a small one. We are so distracted in better the better one, the prettiest one, the most beautiful one that we fail to see the whole picture with it all. The beautiful color of the sunset that washes the seas, the wild mangroves that dot the shoreline at some distance away, the rushes of the wind that seem to say something – so much beauty lost in trying to find those pretty sea shells. Maybe finding those shells might have an epiphany of their own…. not that I doubt its existence in the scheme of things, yet what?

Coming back to what I was aiming for – we all are distracted with little things that might be of no use to us like those shells for decoration. The point is : Beach is the place for me to muse and I must sit and soak into each moment and wade through the waters of my thoughts. The purpose that I had set out with must be accomplished. Then then maybe I can keep picking those shells and toying with them.

Admit it! Social Media are the greatest distractions of our time! We keep scrolling, liking, following and viewing the videos, pictures and stories for hours and then complain of lack of productivity. Where did time run? Nowhere but we were somewhere else, weren’t we?

Build your time productively with small broken down goals. That’s how one can make a comeback into the productive frame of work. Even I am distracted easily and I am human and fallible. So once in a while I remind myself to break down my work into small doable goals so I feel more positive about my productivity rather than beat my self esteem to pulp for those long-range goals that are time-spanned.


Do you agree with these points? If yes, no or have more suggestions about distractions and productivity – do leave your valuable comments! Your time spent reading my blog is highly appreciated!

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6 Responses

  1. Maynaaz khan says:

    True ! Life is just not the same it use to be because of all these distractions…we keep on hoping from one another in search of best but forgets the rest

  2. Stuti Agarwal says:

    So true, we are easily distracted by the videos on social media of food, 5 minute crafts, thoughts, quotes and how wrong people are showcase their life on facebook, we are even distracted by that..

  3. Anand Singh says:

    You know that poem you wrote above holds different meanings for people going thru different things.
    And it depends on the shell collector to decide what to do with them,,, some brilliant minds can turn them into a million dollor business and some just get amused and gets back home for something else and some keeps searching for more beautiful shell.
    But i like the way you explained something really important in such a simple yet beautiful way.

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