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Superheroes are Us!

It’s our Third Anniversary and You’re Our Superheroes!

The Sheets…. The Kiss….

The sheets are so crumpledOverused and more.I like it all open and sore.When the skin breathesand you kiss each poreThere are no expectations,nor dramas encore.It’s just you and me -and nothing more.Each minute with youis a heart-racing frenzied goal. ¬© Kavita Singh Please follow and like us:0 - DAY 8

Poetry at Work

A poetry a day keeps my frustrations at bay! Indulge in #poetryatwork - DAY5

Horror Dedication

Fear….. I felt it in my bonesThe charred remains merged with the jungle soundsEerily tapping –The owl hootingThe pale moon having fun with clouds¬†while my palms go all clammyand my mind becomes slushyThen my intuition takes the better of meand I realize something fishy -There’s this sameness in horror …..that sameness is FEAR.#dedicatedtohorrorwriters Please follow…
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