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Thoughts Spotlight! - the shape of you

The Shape of You – Unbound eMag Review

The 5th issue of Unbound eMagazine by FWBA is worth reading for each one of you!!! Here’s why… - DAY 8

Poetry at Work

A poetry a day keeps my frustrations at bay! Indulge in #poetryatwork - DAY5

Horror Dedication

Fear….. I felt it in my bonesThe charred remains merged with the jungle soundsEerily tapping –The owl hootingThe pale moon having fun with clouds while my palms go all clammyand my mind becomes slushyThen my intuition takes the better of meand I realize something fishy -There’s this sameness in horror …..that sameness is FEAR.#dedicatedtohorrorwriters Please follow…
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How a mere slip of tongue or the way we speak something changes the meaning completely? Was this slip deliberate or obliterate way to put the prejudice in place? - stationary shopping

A Diary. A Partnership. A Resolution.

Before you think you need a diary – check out why it is not easy! #writinggoals2019 - Trappings


They make a web of lies and deceit so well planned that in some time they don’t realize when the reality stopped and the play they had conceptualized in the head became true in the real world. - My Hand

My Hand……

My hand …… is a miracle. Coordinating thoughts- putting words on this paper by holding the pen while the thoughts float easily. How? My thoughts are mine. I know. However what if it is put in my an external force? What if it is governed by an unseen agent? Seems laughable? Maybe. We have those…
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Twixt or Twist?

He thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts. Stephen King, It It’s that time of the year to get your tongue into an an elegant dance, or a fumbling through an ungainly jumble of the linguistic waltz. Today is International Tongue Twister Day  and it is a fun day which shall…
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The pen that fountains words

From my childhood I have been fascinated with all writing instruments and stationary items. Fountain pens were my first “adult” instrument after dabbling with pencils for long. - post 1

What does it mean to be an author?

Got your book published? Wow! You are an author! CLAP….. CLAP……. CLAP!!! LIGHTS…. CAMERA…. LAUNCH!!   While all this is great, have you all moved away from the arc lights and wondered, good or bad – How do they do it? How do they write? How did they put it all out? Writing isn’t a…
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