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Thoughts Spotlight! - DAY 7


Heroes aren’t made on the hotbed of extraordinary stories. Simple everyday life of people can actually trigger impact-ful encounters that leave you affected for life. - DAY 6

Bitch Please!

Women run only 4% of the Fortune 500 companies, hardly 4.1% of of the Fortune 1000, 4.1%. In short, it’s not a woman’s world out here. - DAY5

Horror Dedication

Fear….. I felt it in my bonesThe charred remains merged with the jungle soundsEerily tapping –The owl hootingThe pale moon having fun with clouds while my palms go all clammyand my mind becomes slushyThen my intuition takes the better of meand I realize something fishy -There’s this sameness in horror …..that sameness is FEAR.#dedicatedtohorrorwriters - DAY4

Productivity – What’s good of it?

Productivity is a colossal word for us midget of humans who actually have invented the concept of time and can’t control it – one of the greatest ironies of our time…. did I say time again? - DAY3


How a mere slip of tongue or the way we speak something changes the meaning completely? Was this slip deliberate or obliterate way to put the prejudice in place? - DAY2


Why looking back and then moving forward again is important? Why do we want to touch the past when everyone screams that you should be looking at the future? - DAY1

Day 1: Becoming

We end up thinking of ourselves only on the first days or the first week of the year until it is all forgotten. - stationary shopping

A Diary. A Partnership. A Resolution.

Before you think you need a diary – check out why it is not easy! #writinggoals2019 - Trappings


They make a web of lies and deceit so well planned that in some time they don’t realize when the reality stopped and the play they had conceptualized in the head became true in the real world. - Distracted

Distracted Existence

I ran to the beach – my favorite place to muse…. I discovered a shell, it was tiny and not so cute. So I picked another one. This was better than the other. Then I searched and found more and more and then I realized I was near the sea water and it held all…
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