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Thoughts Spotlight!

I have a BF!

Not one, two…. well too many to count. In fact, I have them all over this country and a few abroad. And if you ask me which one is the best, I can only say: All are awesome!

Superheroes are Us!

It’s our Third Anniversary and You’re Our Superheroes!

The Sheets…. The Kiss….

The sheets are so crumpledOverused and more.I like it all open and sore.When the skin breathesand you kiss each poreThere are no expectations,nor dramas encore.It’s just you and me -and nothing more.Each minute with youis a heart-racing frenzied goal. © Kavita Singh Please follow and like us:0 - maa

Maa…… The Return

When the heart can’t mend and the love turns to despair – a longing for nothingness comes over. - vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities and ‘She’

Have you ever asked her why she is vulnerable? - the shape of you

The Shape of You – Unbound eMag Review

The 5th issue of Unbound eMagazine by FWBA is worth reading for each one of you!!! Here’s why… - strong


“You’re Strong!”
“Am I? No! You have it all wrong. I am not strong.” - DAY 10

Content is Beggar

Advertising agencies and content driven companies have been crying hoarse since a long time. And while the message is simple – Content is the King! is splashed everywhere. Sorry folks, I will disappoint you by saying something contrary – Content is a beggar!

Open to you…..

Rumi leaves a wound in my soulThis absence of my love –Only he could understand …. And yet he was born much before his times! – Kavita Singh Please follow and like us:0 - DAY 8

Poetry at Work

A poetry a day keeps my frustrations at bay! Indulge in #poetryatwork

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