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A Diary. A Partnership. A Resolution.

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A Diary. A Partnership. A Resolution. - stationary shopping

“There are certain natures of which the mutual influence is such, that the more they say, the more they have to say. For these out of association grows adhesion, and out of adhesion, amalgamation.” 
― Charlotte Brontë, Villette

After nearly two years of missing the boat somehow on the either side – we met. Like always it was all about having coffee, good food and filling up on the lost time and sharing the future dreams.

Sumit (better known as SumitOfficial by all) is my brother – not by birth relation – but more by our shared vision. After he went to Mumbai, it became difficult for us to meet; however this time we were determined to meet up and that we did!

December 5, 2018 at Cafe Chapter One

We met at the newly opened cafe in town – Cafe Chapter One. Little did we both realize that this would open a new chapter for us. We sat down, drinking coffee, munching the yummies and telling tales.

The talk steered to our favourite topic of literature. We talked books – read and those in tbr pile. Books led to talking about stationary and then it led to sharing of frustrations of consistency and better books and pens to keep up the tempo. I shared my lack of consistency in maintaining my daily posts in blog due to the fact that I can’t keep up to writing everyday. I love diaries but fail to enjoy jotting down in them each day. Also I was getting frustrated with writing instruments that didn’t put a dent on my pocket and yet were the best kind.

Sumit faced the issue of consistency after shifting to Mumbai. He suggested to me to switch to dated diary for keeping up-to-date jottings that would eventually help me write my blogs. He also suggested into having a shared resolution and partnership to keep each other motivated. This was a fantastic idea!

Talking more we decided to go and buy a nice diary to begin with! Our hunt for the perfect diary that was synonymous with our literary thoughts took more than an hour at the shop. One of the shop employee were amused and enthusiastic in recommending us different diaries until after sometime he asked us what exactly we wanted from the diary. Sumit explained to him and he; literally like a magician drew out a perfect diary from the hidden stack in the bottom corner. There were two sets of that diary and we were in love with them! Old book styled Vintage edition of Nightingle Diaries were an absolute delight for us both. Being a mad bibliophile – I still look at it lovingly.

Our diaries with our pens

Then I kept searching for the perfect writing instrument and I chanced upon the Parker fountain pen with Special Edition Pen cover too! Just my luck!

The hunt led to a satisfied #stationeryshopping as we called it later and we felt a huge relief in having attempted this awesome buy together. Thanks for gifting the diary, Sumit! It was a great way to seal the partnership of writing #writinggoals2019

Sumit and I – Selfie toh banti hai!

The Stationery Shopping

  • The hunt may take time but buy what fits your personality style and work methods
  • Not all can write well with certain pens. Find the pen that best accentuates your handwriting. Fountain pens are not everyone’s forte.
  • Think of the ink color – be it fountain pen or gel pen or ball pen. Which color makes you think creatively? I prefer Green and Purple – unfortunately didnt get them.
  • Expensive pens don’t mean your writing will improve. Start with economy pens and then work your way up. I like Parker pens for affordability. I have however used Sheaffer and Hero pens too.
  • Diary is important part of writing. Ruled or unruled? Dated or Undated? Check for the space to write if you are going in for ruled diary. Handwriting is personal and the space in the ruled diary must be in tandem with your handwriting space.
  • Last but not the least – yes! there are people who do stationary shopping – only they don’t say it out loud! 😉

With the year 2019 – Sumit and I – we both have a partnership and a challenge to consistently motivate each other to write blog each day. Now that the diary and the writing instruments coincide with the flow of our thoughts and our ease of style – we hope to do full justice to them!

With this I would like to share this lovely poem I came across –

“Better associations

If you associate yourself with a change maker,
Your life will by all means become better.
You will wink at challenges and begin to think.
In times of frustrations, you will not sink.

If you miss the way to a great destination,
Just look for those going to that direction.
Mount the shoulders of a giant believer
And you will become a great achiever.

People around you determine your speed.
They will influence the growth of your seed.
People you are around will decide your strength
And also the figure of your success’ length
I trust you want to become a better you.

It matters, what your associates plan to do.
It depends, where your companions want to go.
It relies on what your friends believe and know.
Quit friendships that build you nothing

Choose friends who bring out of you something
One iron sharpens another iron
Go along with great people and ride on.” 
― Israelmore Ayivor, Become a Better You

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