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When all the wardrobe is in perfect harmony with the trends and fashion, can jewelry be far behind? Having jewelry pieces that are versatile and yet in with the trends is something that every woman ideally wants to have. How can you achieve this? Have a bit of everything and this variety collection will keep you steady in fashion circles. Here’s the check list of must-haves:

  1. A “Statement” Necklace is the first thing you should invest in. It is a necklace that is big enough to draw attention to it and you just need to stick to that. No need of any other jewelry other than this is required. This gives a minimalistic look and yet grabs several eyeballs.
  1. Another cool trend these days is the “stackable” rings. You put different rings on each of your fingers. Keep the rings simple and tiny rather than having one chunky one. The best part is that you can mix and match.

  1. Stud Earrings are a rage these days. If you like it big, you can’t have one giant diamond on your ear – that’s where the studs come in handy. They come in different sizes and yet you get that striking ‘pop’ effect.

  1. After making a huge statement, a delicate necklace is also worthy of your bijoux box. Why? Simply because it goes with anything and everything.

  1. When you have a huge necklace, you also get to keep a huge ring. That’s Cocktail ring for you – so huge you don’t need to squint. The advantage of wearing this ring is that your wardrobe need not be minimalistic. (Check out for your grandma’s bijoux box… she probably has one!)

  1. Geometric Cuff is something one rarely buys. However, it gives a perfect image of a warrior princess. It is a great accessory for parties

  1. Chandelier earrings are the most beautiful pieces of jewelry that you can every buy. It goes well with all kinds of dresses and even different kinds of hairstyle. The more vintage their look, the better they stand out.
  1. Pearls are every woman’s desire. Without a pearl set your collection is never complete. Its classic elegance charms everyone irrespective of the age.
  1. Those diamond studs are an absolute necessity. For women who need a daily wear with style, it is a perfect accessory of them to flaunt in the office.

Now that these 9 essentials are there in your bijoux box;  you are ready to fire up your style quotient. Go ahead and flaunt your bling!

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