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8 Scintillating Scents of a Woman

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8 Scintillating Scents of a Woman - post 2

So you like it nice or naughty? Sexy or flirty? Who do you want to be today?

Fragrances have dropped down from the high and mighty luxury item to an accessory that so necessary that it sometimes leads to confusion in choices. And then being a woman isn’t easy. As we get dressed up each day, the rows of bottles on our vanity table vying for our attention makes it all the more uphill task of the morning. We change our fragrances daily and are also likely to pick and choose according to our moods of that moment.  

The question asked is –“Who do you want to be today?”

To give you a head start of choosing quickly, here’s a short and sweet guide to the categories of fragrances along with useful suggestions.

Tangy Citrus-

Citrus fragrances are the most sought after ones especially due to the fact that most people use fragrances in the morning before they leave for work. The essence of citrus fruits is used in these perfumes making it a lively and energetic combination.

Best Time: Daytime

Best Occasions: Morning shopping, Brunch meetings, Baby showers,

Best Brands: Burberry Weekend for Women, Cartier Eau de Cartier for Women, Calvin Klein CK One,  

Flirty Floral – 

So you’re that good girl next door? Jazz up your sweet and yet romantic image with the Floral* fragrances that elevate your feminine appeal.  Showoffs are such turn-ons with these fragrances. What better way to do it than with a wee bit of ‘sprintz’ help?

*Floral fragrances come in single tone (ie. Single flower perfume) or are combined with other fragrances to make it a bit more complex in appeal.

Best Time: Anytime you want to reveal your sweet and girly side or boost your moods. (Especially effective in daytime)

Best Occasions: Any occasion that you want to show off and attract attention like for special dates, romantic dinner dates or page 3 parties

Best Brands: Chanel No 5, Acqua Di Gio for Women by Giorgio Armani, Flight of Fancy by Anna Sui, Tresor by Lancome for Women

Fresh ‘N’ Fruity –

Unleash your wicked side with fruity perfumes that give a subtle hint of spicy and fresh tones.  Fruity fragrances are most picked off the shelves due to their wider usage due to the fact that they are not too overwhelming in the smell when used sparingly. Fragrance varieties include berry, peach, mango, apple and other similar juicy fruits. Many of these fragrances are blended with the florals making it a wonderfully balanced combination.

Best Time: Mornings and Early Evenings

Best Occasions: Movie time, dinner dates and informal get togethers

Best Brands: Avon’s Fire Me Up, Very Sexy Now by Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Wild for Women by Ralph Lauren


Green It Is! –

Not many women know about this particular fragrance. Its smell reminds you of fresh leaves and just mowed grass. Totally earthy! It goes extremely well with women who are energetic but like things all natural. This is the only fragrance that tends to deviate towards the “unisex” category making it well suitable for men and women alike (though the perfumers have distinctly marked up separate versions of the bottles for men and women it matches well with both sexes). This fragrance is modern in its conceptualization in comparison to others.

Best Time: Daytime use only

Best Occasions: While visiting sports matches, golfing, polo parties or any such casual outdoor gathering

Best Brand: Chanel No. 19, Safari by Ralph Lauren, Escada Magnetism, Adidas Adrenaline Woman, Escada Sport Country Weekend

Oceanic Waves –

Oceanic perfumes are modern synthetically blended compounds. This particular scent were first launched by Christian Dior in 1991 in the name of Dune. The beauty of these perfumes is that they evoke natural aromas regaling us with ocean smells, air of the mountains and just washed and clean linen. The tones of the perfume are all about crisp freshness.

Best Time: Any time

Best Occasions: Daily office (especially best usage is during job interviews to give the right first impressions)

Best Brands: Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden, Dune by Chirstian Dior, Davidoff Cool Water Woman and Giorgio Beverly Hills Ocean Dream

Ornately Oriental-

These are one of the most killer fragrances available (not that they kill ☺ ) It is a complex blend of exotic, feminine, sensual, earthy, musky (or ambergris) and warm. Sometimes this perfume is combined with floral fragrance making it ‘floriental’. Highly recommended perfume to seduce.

Best Time: Late evenings and night

Best occasions: Whenever you want to seduce (like during dates or a night out)

Best Brands: Versace Crystal Noir, Yves Saint Laurent’s Opium, Black Pearls by Elizabeth Taylor and Shalimar by Guerlain.

Spicy Sugar –

It’s all about sugar and spice with everything nice.  Spicy fragrances have a nice comfort blanket feel of mom’s kitchen and cinnamon rolls cooking. With essence of cloves, ginger, cardamom and cinnamon this fragrance has a homely touch with an old-fashioned charm.

Best Time: Day time

Best Occasions: Meetings and get together in Café, Parental meets and community bakes and fairs.

Best Brands: Coco by Chanel, Cinnabar by Estee Lauder, Vetyver Cologne by Jo Malone (unisex perfume)

Warmly Woody (Chypre) –

These scents have a base note from bark and moss, eliciting images of forests. This is the most unisex fragrance in all of the fragrance categories. While this is more masculine than feminine, it does touch rightly upon a no-nonsense woman. Think of all those firebrand women who shook the world and this is rightly dedicated to them.

Best Time: Day time

Best occasion: Corporate office wear

Best Brands: Chanel No. 19, Believe by Britney Spears, Envy Me by Gucci, Romance by Ralph Lauren and Knowing by Estee Lauder.

Now that you know what scent to surround yourself with – go ahead and make your day!


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