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Month: January 2019

Thoughts Spotlight! - the shape of you

The Shape of You – Unbound eMag Review

The 5th issue of Unbound eMagazine by FWBA is worth reading for each one of you!!! Here’s why… - strong


“You’re Strong!”
“Am I? No! You have it all wrong. I am not strong.” - DAY 10

Content is Beggar

Advertising agencies and content driven companies have been crying hoarse since a long time. And while the message is simple – Content is the King! is splashed everywhere. Sorry folks, I will disappoint you by saying something contrary – Content is a beggar!

Open to you…..

Rumi leaves a wound in my soulThis absence of my love –Only he could understand …. And yet he was born much before his times! – Kavita Singh Please follow and like us:0 - DAY 8

Poetry at Work

A poetry a day keeps my frustrations at bay! Indulge in #poetryatwork - DAY 7


Heroes aren’t made on the hotbed of extraordinary stories. Simple everyday life of people can actually trigger impact-ful encounters that leave you affected for life. - DAY 6

Bitch Please!

Women run only 4% of the Fortune 500 companies, hardly 4.1% of of the Fortune 1000, 4.1%. In short, it’s not a woman’s world out here. - DAY5

Horror Dedication

Fear….. I felt it in my bonesThe charred remains merged with the jungle soundsEerily tapping –The owl hootingThe pale moon having fun with clouds while my palms go all clammyand my mind becomes slushyThen my intuition takes the better of meand I realize something fishy -There’s this sameness in horror …..that sameness is FEAR.#dedicatedtohorrorwriters Please follow…
Read more - DAY4

Productivity – What’s good of it?

Productivity is a colossal word for us midget of humans who actually have invented the concept of time and can’t control it – one of the greatest ironies of our time…. did I say time again? - DAY3


How a mere slip of tongue or the way we speak something changes the meaning completely? Was this slip deliberate or obliterate way to put the prejudice in place?

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