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Month: December 2018

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A Diary. A Partnership. A Resolution.

Before you think you need a diary – check out why it is not easy! #writinggoals2019 - Trappings


They make a web of lies and deceit so well planned that in some time they don’t realize when the reality stopped and the play they had conceptualized in the head became true in the real world. - Distracted

Distracted Existence

I ran to the beach – my favorite place to muse…. I discovered a shell, it was tiny and not so cute. So I picked another one. This was better than the other. Then I searched and found more and more and then I realized I was near the sea water and it held all…
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My Hand……

My hand …… is a miracle. Coordinating thoughts- putting words on this paper by holding the pen while the thoughts float easily. How? My thoughts are mine. I know. However what if it is put in my an external force? What if it is governed by an unseen agent? Seems laughable? Maybe. We have those…
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