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You’re a gal who loves her glasses and can’t just do without them. But that doesn’t mean you chuck off the eye makeup and just focus on you’re the rest of your face.  Here are a few tricks for you to indulge in the eye-catching magic.

  1. Best thing is to keep your eye portion natural since bold colors won’t be seen under those glasses.

2. Go bold with lip color. Experiment with red, pink and violet shades and let your lips do the talking

3. Don’t forget to blush. A bit of color on your face heightens your look

4. Mascara is your friend. Don’t worry about it being smudged under the glasses. It actually highlights your eyes

5. Put in a double liner for smoky eyes effect. It’s really effective for you.

6. Thin and thick frames of your glasses need to be taken into consideration before you apply make up

7. If your eyewear frames are thick,  go in for thin eyeliner, otherwise your look will be too much smoky. If your eyewear frames are thin, go ahead with smoky eyes makeup or double liner

8. Gel liners are best for eyeglass wearers. They are easy to apply and stay on for a long time

9. Even if the bold may not be in for you; you can always play with shimmer in the lower lid portion of your eye

10. Smudged lines are also a good way to catch attention to your eyes.

11. Depending on the size and shape of your lens, do shape your eyebrows effectively

12. If your eyes appear small, use liner all the way around

13. With big eyes, of course, less liner is the key

14. Like to have some stylish line? Cat eye liner is the best for you!

15. If you’re still skeptical about mascara, eye lash curlers are a good option

16. Due to the lens, our under eyes are never seen effectively. Put a highlighter cream/powder there and brighten your under eyes

17. For a great look, go in for foundation. This works well to focus on your face effectively

18. A great trick which many eye wearers don’t do is highlight their cheekbones. Dab a light foundation and then give some colored tinge to your cheekbones.

19. Double mascara (ie two coats) makes your eyes fuller and lively

20. Last but a very important tip: Take time in front of mirror and play. Keep experimenting and customize your looks with glasses on.
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