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Hello! I’m Kavita Singh.
Book Reviewer. Kaffeinaholic.

Words empower me. What empowers you?


My thoughts related to Literature in general for you to read and comment.


Experiences and Shared ideas about entrepreneurship and startups. Who knows you might be featured here?


My poetic musings and Insta poetry for you to ponder on


I think of  words with twists and twirls that power  human emotions 

Literature. Books. Reading. Writing.
Anyway you look at it, it begins to give you so much of power, so much of yourself that you never are the same again.

What I offer

Exciting words to sit back, ponder and think on. Apart from this my long standing experience in #entrepreneurship #education #training #counseling #literature equips me to conducts workshops, seminars and also customized sessions for people who want to be #future #skilled


Trained under the aegis of University of Cambridge International Examinations, UK, I have the benefit of world class education insights early on. This equipped me to deal with educational concepts, theories and pedagogy with global perspectives and local viewpoints


Since 2005, I have dealt with creativity and content having balanced both the aspects in the course of my work. Hence, even today I can’t just leave the words alone. So if you need freelance content writing for your brand building, you know whom to connect to.


I  conduct training for different purposes as well as for varying audiences. A few of my training programs are related to:
– Content Writing
– Creative Writing
– Educational Learning Frameworks (For Teachers and Principals)
– Training the Trainers


Entrepreneurship has enabled me to put myself in the shoes of the fellow startups. Moreover, spearheading eChai Ventures in Indore has given me a very comprehensive outlook of the startup culture in the city and how it has shaped up our democracy. With the motivation of the Startup Movement as well as the benefits of #CoRise in #eChai, I am able to mentor startup founders on many fronts. 


The Secret of Kaffeinated Konversations

My venture, Kaffeinated Konversations started in the year 2016 on April 10. Since then, each day is a new milestone and new learning takes place


Curated and Customized Book Boxes that are #MAKEININDIA for book lovers


KK Libros is a dream in pipeline and we aren’t alone in this. So many people can relate to what we are – mad… mad… bibliophiles


Readers, Writers and Artists form part of our beautiful community. We have online and offline meets and sessions which foster goodwill and great learning.


We are there on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
Stay connected, Stay Kaffeinated!

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